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I$20 in advance. $25 Day of the event
Seating is limited. Get your tickets early.

Celia Farran is a Singer/Songwriter, Entertainer, and Recording artist with over 30 years of stage & voice experience. Celia brings her high vibrational presence & vocal resonance to the sound healing world creating healing and balance by toning directly into the chakras from the back of the body thru cupped hands. Her well seasoned and highly trained voice vibrates the space & cells of the body opening internal resonance as well as the energetic field around the body. This is a visceral and sensory experience like no other. Those who have received this healing have described it as an otherworldly feeling of “Being Sung”.

In a group session each individual receives a sample toning and also holds space for the healing of others. Together we raise the healing frequency of each body and the energy field of the entire room and beyond.
Group Sessions are $25 per participant. ($20 if seats are purchased in advance)

Private sessions are 30 or 60 minutes and include each chakra being sung/toned as well as channeled songs specifically created for the individual during the session. The session can also be recorded for future listening and body remembering.

$50 for 30 minutes.
$100 for 60 minutes.
$50 for an audio recording of the session.

“The vibration and resonance Celia created with her voice felt as if my Essence was being Sung. My pain lessened greatly right after my session and consistently diminished. I continue to be pain free. I am extremely grateful for Celia and the medicine of her high vibrational sound healing.”
Tina Abate

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