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Haunted Asylums
E.R. Vernor ‘Corvis Nocturnum’

Go behind the barbed wire and explore the many sanitariums or asylums that were intended to help the mentally ill but only contributed to their afflictions. Learn the history behind the infamous Riverside patient Mary Mallon, also known as “Typhoid Mary.” Get spooked by the gothic and foreboding buildings at Danvers State Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts, which became both the inspiration and the filming location for the movie Session 9, and Oregon State Hospital, where Jack Nicholson’s famous One Flew Over the Coco’s Nest was filmed. Today, these abandoned state institutions have been converted into other uses or remain in shambles, but the ghosts of their pasts linger. The author explores these reputedly haunted asylums and others all the world over. Join him…if you dare.


Backyard Medicinals 
Starr Morgayne

Starr Morgayne, best-selling author of Kitchen Medicinals Natural Healing From Your Pantry, and the Herbal Preparation Series now shares with you her secrets of healing from her years of research and successful results of foraging and creating medicines from often overlooked plants.
Starr discusses and provides information, ingredients, and remedies to use for various ailments as she teaches you how to heal yourself, and your loved ones, using common plants found in your own backyard.

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Vampires A World History 
E.R. Vernor ‘Corvis Nocturnum’

Vampires are beings of myth: folkloric creatures who live off the blood of the living and have been recorded in nearly every culture around the world since the beginning of man. This work traces the evolution of the vampire, from its roots in ancient mythology to obscure folk tales and legends, leading up to when these foul beings transformed into the suave Byronic heroes that continue to influence the world’s view of the vampire today. It also examines key individuals in history involved in reshaping our concept of the creature. Popular culture is explored, along with the development of the vampire into the protagonist in plays and poems and novels.

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