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Find Your Inner Goddess

This is a class about women mysteries.

You will be looking at you own life and those important events that have made you who you are. We will explore the history of Goddess Worship and how people relate to the Goddess today. Additionally, we will explore the Maiden, Mother and Crone and you will determine where you are at in the spiritual aspects of them of this system.


We will take a peek into many different pantheons and cultures in this class, examining the role of women and the spiritual practices that revolve around the divine feminine in order to put Goddess worship into perspective. 

You will be given the opportunity to celebrate all the major passages of womanhood.


The class guides a participant through what the Maiden, Mother and Crone stages are and helps them to recogize what stage they are inin their life.


Interested? Please see the Classes page for more info regarding this class and all the others we have to offer. 





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